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Academic Work

2021: Cooking with Cannabis. The Autoethnographer.

2021: Buttered Nostalgia: Feeding My Parents During #COVID19

2019: Shaming as a Form of Social Activism: Autoethnographic Stories, Qualitative Inquiry

2018: Crank Up the Feminism: Poetic inquiry a Feminist Methodology, Humanities 


2018: Love & Guns: Orlando, Qualitative Inquiry


2018: Bulls-Eye: An intimate history of guns, International Review of Qualitative Research, Winner of the 2016 Norman K. Denzin Qualitative Research Award


2017: Poetry is Politics: A Poetry Manifesto, International Review of Qualitative Research


2017: MotherWork collage (A queer scrapbook), QED: A Journal in GLBTQ Worldmaking

2017: Writing Practice: A Narrative Poem, International Review of Qualitative Research


2016: Using arts-based research exercises to foster understanding of reflexivity in qualitative research, LEARNing Landscapes


2016: The art of criteria: Ars Criteria as demonstration of vigor in poetic inquiry, 

Qualitative Inquiry


2016: Cancer Triptych, Health Communication

2014: Bad Mom(my) Litany: Spanking cultural myths of middle-class motherhood, 

Cultural Studies <=> Critical Methodologies

2013: Notes from a Pretty Straight Girl: Questioning identities in the field, Liminalities


2012: Frogging It: A poetic analysis of relationship dissolution, Qualitative Research in Education

2012: That Baby will Cost You: An intended ambivalent pregnancy, Qualitative Inquiry


2011: The negotiation of closetable Identities: A Narrative Analysis of LGBTQ Jewish Identity, Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, Winner 2013 Franklin H. Knower Outstanding Article Award, National Communication Association, Interpersonal Communication Division.

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