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"On the precipice of their 50th birthday, the overachiever realizes it’s too late to fuck up." AHC (Anti-Heroin Chic). 

"Dear Alice" and "Mom's Hot Milk Sponge" Harpy Hybrid Review

School Closed: A poem. Communication Education.


"Are You Pregnant? 10", Slippery Elm (Honorable Mention Deanna-Tulley Multi-Media Contest) 

"Are You Pregnant?","Nine Months," and "Life Style" S/tick 

"Trigger Warning" Glass: A Journal of Poetry: Poets Respond

"Simone de Beauvoir Sends Trump a Sext" Writer’s Resist


"A.L.I.C.E. Training" Compressed: Journal of Creative Arts


"Crank Up the Feminism" Rise Up Review 


"History of Body" Gulf Stream (Finalist in Summer Poetry Contest) 


"Making Soup" Ithaca Lit 


"Birth Day" The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts 


"As it Ought to Be" Saturday Poetry Series 


"I explain things to men" Rat’s Ass Review


"Battle of the B-F Girls" Rat’s Ass Review 


"The Interview" Pine Hills Review 


"Ode to Jetlag; Deutsch Klasse am Mittwoch" TAB: The Journal of Poetry and Poetics 


"Feeding" Straight Forward Poetry 


"my memories are mother" & "In the Court of Common Pleas" Gravel


"How to potty train when presenting a paper on maternal poetry" Mom Egg Review


"Farm Trilogy" Sugar House Review 


"Pacifier Ode" Literary Mama: Reading for the Maternally Inclined 


"Pacifier Ode" Storm Cellar


"Nasty Women Join the Hive: A Womanifesto Invitation for White Feminists" Women & Language Online


"Hello Kitty does Gender in Four Scenes" Women & Language Online

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